We establish the following culture on our campus.

Convinced: We are convinced that as we successfully meet the needs of all of our students, we must re-imagine and reestablish schools as safe and exciting places of learning.

Committed: We are committed to set and pursue ambitious goals. We use objective data to drive all of our decisions. We find solutions rather than make excuses. We urgently overcome obstacles to achieve our goals.

Connected: We are always learning through reflection. This is how we remain connected with our vision, students, parents, stakeholders and community. We reflect on both successes and challenges to maximize our strengths and learn from our mistakes. We are proactive to offer and solicit feedback, develop ourselves professionally, and adjust course as necessary.

Collaborate: We share responsibility for key decisions and remain accountable for the results. Together, our resources become greater and we increase our impact.

Celebrate: We approach life and work with enthusiasm and joy for the impact we can make on our students and community as a whole. To sustain our efforts, we restore our liveliness daily by celebrating small and big wins.

Student Creed

I am a WINNER, I am a LEADER.
It’s my constant state of MIND.
I am a FINISHER, a problem-solver.

Nothing is impossible.
That’s what I believe.
I am light, I am UNSTOPPABLE.
The whole world is waiting on me.

I am an answer, I am a solution,
Because of the power within.
My name is simply GREATNESS.


Alma Mater

Vision Academy, we win against all odds.
Vision Academy, although your way was hard,
You stood right in the midst for me for all the world to see.
The greatness that’s inside of me.
And Now I Win, You Win, We Win!
Vision Academy we’re eagles tried and true
Vision Academy the Red and the Blue
Vision Academy you are that something NEW
Your light forever shines right in the midst of darkness.
I find that light inside of me!
And Now I Win, You Win, We Win!
And Now I Win, You Win, We Win!
And Now I Win, You Win, We Win!

Mission Statement

Vision Academy Is On A Mission To Win:
Every Student
Every Staff
Every Parent
Every Day

Vision Statement

Vision Academy Is An Elite College/Life Preparatory Institution Who Endeavors To Ignite A Life Long Passion Of Learning Into Each Student/Staff/Parent As Well As A Life Long Zeal To Live Without Limits.